Fall – Kamikaze by Eminem

Well, the song before this Kamikaze prepped us for him to go after everyone, and he does! He hits so many names in this and that’s great but i want to focus on how this was a great use of his platform.

This video had just over 53 million views at time of writing!

Eminem is near as a damn it 50, and he has used his name, identity and reach with rap, more than any other rapper currently has in the world, as a chance with this album to talk about the music industry itself. To think in this smack down of all his naysayers he managed to intertwine a serious message about the lack of soul and hard work in modern rap.

He has already attacked mumble rappers and spoken about how the industry puts a lot of pressure on him to be bigger and better than everyone else because he’s such a phenomenon. Then in this song he uses his position to discuss the music awards, giving away prizes to people he’s never heard of and promoting ghost written, pop sounding rap songs as the new sound of the hip hop scene. I can’t help but agree with him that rap is changing and i don’t feel it’s for the better.

But these last 4 songs at the heart of this album are truly amazing to listen to and together they make this album what it is. A Kamikaze dive bomb at literally the whole music industry and everyone on board, even if it means all so hitting his own career in the process. With that last sentence, I’ve just realized the calls to take a step back now make sense.


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