That Guy’s #TheApprentice Week One Reaction

Right oh – The Apprentice, week one. What the blazes happened there? Let’s break it down, shall we?

We started off with the first shock of the season – not only are they going abroad, but they’re also doing the item challenge. Now, I love the item challenge. There’s always some dumbass that screws it up and this time, the dumbass was one half of the ladies team, who, despite having a map, ended up trying to get to a town on a completely different island.

Oh, yeah, ignore that typo, please. This is why Twitter needs an edit button.

It’s certainly looking like they’ve scraped the barrel of candidates again, though. Now, we can only blame ourselves – we are amused and love the comedic value of the screw-ups, so we can’t blame them for putting screw ups on the show. Supply and demand. BUT, I don’t know how I feel about spending the next few months watching people compete to be ever so slightly less of a screwup. Or…

So, a few surprises, a few laughs, a lot of stupidity, and a sense of foreboding that the rest of the season could be the same. Let’s find out together, shall we?

That Guy

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