1000th Post Spectacular

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night! Well, not good night yet, because evidently, you’re not going to bed yet and I most certainly am not as it’s currently 10:38 AM on a Sunday and I’ve not long gotten out of bed. I’m lazy, but I ain’t that lazy.

Since this has taken a turn towards the absurd already, let’s continue the theme as I tell you what this post is all about. Recently, we completed our 1000th post, article, review, whatever you want to call it. The announcement for that was a mere footnote, probably missed by 99% of all people that have read the post in question [linked here, for shameless plugging].

It was suggested that, perhaps, given that we’ve written 1000 posts over the course of 7 years – which works out at roughly 143 per year, which is a little under 3 a week, which is particularly impressive when you consider we took, like, two whole years off – that it might be worth doing a sort of reflection post about our most popular posts over the years, as well as some of our favourite pieces from over the years.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

The Top 20 Most Viewed Posts We’ve Ever Written

Below, you can see the posts that we’ve written over the years, along with a  link to them all, so you can give them a read and find out all the details for yourself.

  1. Top Ten Favourite Fan Theories
  2. That Guy’s Top 20 Dr Who Episodes
  3. Why I Hate The Simpsons
  4. Why Did The Greeks Invent Tragedy 
  5. Justin Coling’s View On The Undateables (2012-Present)
  6. Old Vs New: The Poseidon Adventure (1972) vs Poseidon (2005)
  7. Why Rose’s Suicide Would’ve Saved The Titanic
  8. One Fan’s Theories About Les Misérables
  9. Who Was The Better Dumbledore?
  10. That Guy’s Top 20: Star Wars Characters
  11. Benny4700’s Top Ten Fan Theories: The Revenge
  12. That Guy’s Top 50 Actors
  13. Are the Women in The Odyssey simply figures in the background?
  14. Top 11 movies that I like but everyone else seems to hate
  15. Benny4700’s Top Twelve Favourite Greek Myths
  16. Why I hate the Britain’s Got Talent audience
  17. Why the Monster Mash is actually one of the most sexually depraved songs of all time
  18. OMI – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn remix) Review
  19. That Guy’s Top 20 Driving Songs
  20. Lego House – Ed Sheeran

Quite a range there – I’m surprised to see that the majority of these are lists and essays, as opposed to reviews, or at least, I would be if I hadn’t kept an eye on these over the years!

Check them all out, check a few out, do whatever, it’s entirely up to you, but I would say that if these are our most popular posts, they’re probably amongst our best, so it would be a shame to miss out on that.

Up next, some of our favourite posts, as written by the writers on the site.

That Guy

I would say that of all the posts on here, I’m probably most fond of my Top 50 Actors post, mostly because it took an age and until recently, I didn’t realise it had so many views. BUT, since it’s linked up there, I’m going to talk about three others instead:

  1. That Guy’s Favourite Friendship – I’m particularly pleased with the final entry on here, particularly since it’s the longest entry and the most heart-felt. I vaguely remember writing it, too, which helps. Go check it out!
  2. Dogma – I fell in love with Dogma when I first saw it and have repeatedly suggested that other people watch it too. It’s truly magnificent, in more ways than one and I know that the review didn’t really do it justice, but I also know that if it gets you to watch the film, that’s all that really matters to me now.
  3. The Princess Bride – Another film I fell in love with, and another one that I have repeated told people they need to watch. I’ve faced much criticism over the years for my fondness for this movie, but at the same time, I refuse to allow that to stem my love for its contents. It’s an amazing film, it’s one you should watch, and I guarantee that you’ll either love it, or you’re perception of good and bad are wildly wrong.


Picking one post out of the literal hundreds I’ve written is a difficult task to say the least. It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing for TGTRS for 7 ½ years, I was 16 when I started and, truth be told, this site has been a great escape for me during some pretty terrible times. If I had to choose one post that stands out in my memory, it would probably be my Top Twelve Greek Myths post from 2012. Yeah, there’s a lot I don’t like about it anymore; the writing isn’t my best, the formatting leaves a fair bit to be desired, a lot of the images I used have disappeared for various reasons, some of the jokes and references make me cringe now, and my view of my time at Sixth Form has changed CONSIDERABLY, but even with all these factors, I still really like this post. It was great to write about a subject I’m passionate about and rarely touch on, I still find a lot of the jokes work for me, (the reference to using the Minotaur as a tourist attraction is a particular favourite and I’m so glad that I found that image in the first place and that it’s still there) and I still remember enjoying writing it. It’s not a perfect post but I’m still fond of it.

So that’s what the views say, that’s what we think, and now, we leave it once again in your hands. What do you think, what do you enjoy, what is it that you’ve liked reading over the years, either here or elsewhere?

And, of course, here’s to the next thousand posts!

That Guy

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