Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Hello, it’s me again! I’ve not done a film review yet, however this one was something I went to see on it’s release date and one I wanted to write about. I had been waiting for this film to come out since I saw it was being made, and now I have the honour to tell you all about it, so don’t stop me now…

Bohemian Rhapsody is a biographical film that explores the creation of the rock band Queen, as well as the life of Freddie Mercury from his teen years onwards. The film has created a mixed bag of reviews from critics. There are said to be many inaccuracies, and many critics have suggested that even the band members were inaccurately portrayed. Critics were also annoyed that the actor who played Freddie, Rami Malek was lip syncing most of the songs, whilst they played Freddie’s voice. I’m sorry, but he’s an actor, not a singer.

Since a young age, I was always exposed to the music of Queen and Freddie Mercury. My parents enjoyed listening to them, and my Dad in particularly really liked Queen. So as I came into my teenage years, I found myself plastering their posters all over my walls and listening constantly to their songs- I even have some of the vinyls. (Who doesn’t like the sound of vinyls being played?) So when I heard that this film was being made… you can only imagine how I felt.

I knew quite a lot about Freddie Mercury already, and the formation of Queen. I could recite what song came next on which album, and what year it was released. But the film surprisingly had a few things in there that I hadn’t heard or read about before. Which is why I think it was important that Brian may and Rodger Taylor had the production input that they did, whilst still including humour. I also read that Freddie’s family also had some involvement, on how Freddie was portrayed. I imagine this also helped create some accuracy to home life for Freddie.

I thoroughly enjoyed how they included a lot of recording booth elements and behind the scene pieces; Like how they created sounds in an uncanny and different way for songs like Bohemian Rhapsody. Or how they argued over which songs would make which albums, which contributed to the eventual, potential temporary split of the band. I say potential because there have been many discussions about if the band actually did officially split. Freddie had produced a few of his own pieces during this ‘hiatus,’ The film shows Freddie bargaining with the other band members to preform for Live aid, once he had had the realisation that he wanted to be Queen, the band once more.

Although the film probably wasn’t exactly accurate to the real life events, I like how the humour and the banter that the band members have reminisce of teenage boys. They felt relatable as teens, whilst also conveying the story. They Covered the controversy of Freddie’s affair with Paul Prenter, how it effected the band and how it effected Freddie’s life. It was an important stage in Freddie’s life, and something I knew little about.

The film brushes briefly on various elements of Freddie Mercury’s life and the creation and ultimate ending of Queen as we knew it. His home life, his love life and his music life. I imagine for the people who actually knew Freddie, it was nostalgic for them to watch, considering for much of the film (Despite it’s potential timeline inaccuracies) it focused on Freddie on a personal level.

Overall I really enjoyed the film. (Minus the man sat next to me who enjoyed playing air drums and singing the whole way through.. I get the enthusiasm but..) I feel like it conveyed a dramatised story of a band that sits firmly in music history really well, whilst still keeping avid Queen fans interested by adding humour and new information. I’d definitely recommend going to see this film, preferably in the cinema. There’s nothing like hearing Queen’s live aid performance on surround sound on the large screen- they should make that a thing!

Film rating- 10/10

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