2018 In Reviews

2018 has been a remarkable year, and since it’s coming to a close, we’ve been doing a lot of looking over the way things have gone for us over the last 12 months, so that we can make things even better for you, our reader, in 2019.

So, as part of our mission to make things better for you and everyone else, let’s have a look at 2018, through our reviews.

2018 saw TGTRS kick itself up the arse and start writing again, after nearly two years of inactivity. To that end, we’ve written a total of 147 items this year, if you include this one, and the one scheduled to post just before midnight, wishing you all a wonderful 2019.

More than 8 and a half thousand of you have welcomed us back, viewing our posts over 10 and a half thousand times. The most popular post of the lot was Benny’s piece trying to decide which Dumbledore was best, accounting for nearly 2 and a half thousand of those views since it was first published back in April.

We’ve also been working on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, both of which can be found using the links, and we’re determined to continue that through to 2019, throughout which we hope to be able to engage with more of you than ever before.

We’ve also welcomed Aimeh to the site, a new writer who joined us in July, and has written a number of great posts for us, found using her category on the right hand toolbar. Go check them out!

And we’ve got great plans for 2019, plans we’ll go into a bit closer to their actualisation. Rest assured, they’re going to be yuge.

But, for now, and even though we’ll be saying it collectively tonight, thank you for being with us this year, we hope you join us in the new year, and we hope that your 2019 is bloody fantastic.

That Guy

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