Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Hello, it’s me again! I’ve not done a film review yet, however this one was something I went to see on it’s release date and one I wanted to write about. I had been waiting for this film to come out since I saw it was being made, and now I have the honour to tell you all about it, so don’t stop me now… Continue reading “Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)”

The mortal instruments: City of bones (2013)

Last week I had the opportunity to watch a film based on my favourite book series. I’m always a little skeptical when I watch a film based on a book I’ve read. I understand you have to cut chunks out to make a book you can spend over 40 hours reading into a 1 and a half hour film. However it always bothers me when they edit the story to meet film length needs.

Anyway, here’s my first film review on The mortal instruments: City of bones (2013)… Continue reading “The mortal instruments: City of bones (2013)”

5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To Meet

So, That Guy here, and I do a fair bit of stuff online. Games, listening to music, more games, the odd bit of online creative writing roleplay and, well, this. During one of these escapades – the roleplay, specifically – I came across a particularly skillful writer who, for the purposes of this and her interactions with the site and you, dear reader, will be going by the name Aimeh. Here’s her first post, I hope you make her feel as welcome as she deserves. Aimeh, over to you.

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