My Top Five Favourite Coronation Street (1960-Present) Characters

The two soaps I’ve seen the most of are Coronation Street (1960-Present) and Eastenders (1985-Present) and while I will be talking about EastEnders later on, today I want to look at something Coronation Street related. Soap characters are some of the most iconic in British television, after all, we see them almost every day, follow them in their daily lives and through both the hard times and the easy, and know them better than our own neighbours. In respect of that, I’m going to count down my five favourite Coronation Street characters. Why top five? Well, frankly I never saw THAT much of Coronation Street, I’ve seen a few hundred episodes and don’t have enough information to pick 10 or 20 characters. In addition to this, soap characters don’t tend to have the emotional and psychological depth that you find in other fictional characters, due mainly to the fact writers change so often so we tend to get a very mixed view of these characters. Regardless, these are my top five favourite Coronation Street characters.

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Life After Soap: Why Good Actors Struggle

When was the last time you saw an actor from a British soap in a film? Or a successful, mainstream tv series? I bet you’re struggling to think of one, aren’t you? No, Barbara Windsor doesn’t count, she was famous BEFORE she went into soap. No, nor does Kylie Minogue, she’s Australian and besides, she went into the music industry, I’m talking about people who found fame in British soaps and then went on to become part of a successful film or television production. It’s a hard thing to do, and while they are some, they are few and far between. So, why is it that some of the most famous and hard-working people in British television fail to find work when they leave soaps?

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Soap Month

I’ve spoken up in defence of British soaps’ before on this site and recently I’ve been thinking, why not do an entire month’s worth of posts on the topic? Well, I’m doing it, over the course of November, I’ll be writing posts about different aspects of British soaps. I’ve got some interesting stuff planned; a couple of lists, a post asking why so few actors and actresses have a career outside of soap, and a short piece looking at the music of EastEnders. It promises to be a fun month and I’m pretty excited about it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

Why the best character for a Halloween prequel isn’t Michael Myers

In 2007, Rob Zombie gave us a Halloween reboot/prequel, which focused on the development of the young Michael Myers from disturbed child to horror icon. Surely this choice to focus on the killer himself was a masterful one and could in no way be bettered.

OR COULD IT??!?!?!?!!?!!??!?!??!!!?!?!?!

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My Top Ten Favourite Hustle Episodes

BBC’s Hustle (2004-2012) centres around the actions of a rotating gang of con artists comprised of leader and meticulous planner Mickey ‘Bricks’ Stone (Adrian Lester, Series 1-4,5-8), roper and Mickey’s father figure Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn, Series 1-8), fixer and tech man Ash ‘three socks’ Morgan (Robert Glenister, Series 1-8 ), Stacie Monroe (Jaime Murray, Series 1-4) the one who looks after the money, cocky and ambitious Danny Blue (Marc Warren, Series 1-4), former gang member Billy Bond (Ashley Waters, Series 4), intelligent and protective Emma Kennedy (Kelly Adams, Series 5-8) and her younger and significantly less intelligent brother, Sean (Matt Di Angelo, Series 5-8), as well as barman Eddie (Rob Jarvis), who acts largely as comic relief. Hustle is one of my favourite tv shows of all time; I think it’s smart, I like the main characters, I think the premise is fun, and I like the victims of the gang’s cons; rich, greedy, and ruthless people who are wonderfully despicable characters in their own right. Today, I want to count down my top ten favourite personal Hustle episodes. It was a difficult task, when I was compiling this list I realised that pretty much every episode of the show is flawed, even my number one choice, but without further ado, let’s begin!

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My View On The Possible Frasier (1993-2004) Reboot

Recently, it has come to light that Frasier (1993-2004) star Kelsey Grammar has approached NBC with ideas for a Frasier reboot and, if the rumours are to be believed, the network is very interested and some ideas for episodes, characters and plot arcs have been pitched by both sides. These talks seem obvious given the success of sitcoms from the same era such as Will and Grace (1998-2006, 2017-Present), Rosanne (1988-1997, 2018), and Full House/Fuller House (1987-1995, 2016-Present) As a massive fan of Frasier, I’ve thought long and hard about whether this is a good idea, a disastrous one, or somewhere in-between, and as a madman with a laptop and access to a blog I feel it is my sacred duty to force all of your poor souls to hear me out.

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The Jeremy Kyle Show (2005 – Present)

The Jeremy Kyle Show (2005-Present) has perhaps the worst reputation of anything I’ve ever talked about on this site. Accusations of classism and exploitation are persistently levelled at the show, and Jeremy Kyle himself is perhaps one of the most detested men in Britain. So, is The Jeremy Kyle Show really as repugnant as everyone thinks?

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