The Martian (2015)

So i went to go and see this last night with my drinking buddy and all around very good friend Tom, and although we may have went to the showing in the middle of the night, in the middle of January just after Britain has actually turned into an ice box for Winter like it should, it was so fucking worth it 😀
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The Peanuts movie (2015)

So i went to see this movie with my girlfriend earlier this month, on my insistence for once…. usually it’s my sister dragging me round the cinema to see children movies but this time i was the one dragging some other victim to one. I was a Charlie Brown fan as a kid so the “child within”as it were, came out in me this time, and my poor, sweet, done nothing to upset me, innocent girlfriend had to put up with me for the whole thing…. bless her; but we’ve just past our 1 year dating milestone, so if she still doesn’t know what she’s dating…. shame on her really XD Continue reading “The Peanuts movie (2015)”

Adele “Hello”

This month for me is being manic. I have a solid 11 days at work still to look forward to, as well as a car to service and MOT plus a social life to maintain. It seems i keep coming back here just to complain about the rest of my life. You lot are my arm chair therapists, my local barber, keeping me sane for a few weeks more…. thank you all x Continue reading “Adele “Hello””

Jeremy Corbyn: Hero or Villain?

While I was on hiatus I had plenty of time to come to terms with my sense of youth, and in doing so succeeded in making myself feel older. The realization that every second you spend doing anything is a second you won’t ever get back is a very scary and age inducing though. I’ve realized that in 21 years of my life, nearly 22, I have done so much, and yet so little…. Also in this time away there was a new Labour leader elected, and here’s what i think of him. 
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Spectre (2015)

Hello everyone. I’m ba… you know I’ve done to many of these…. Not reviews, obviously but i’m back speeches so fuck it! I’m here now, and isn’t that what matters, right?…. So anyway, back onto my usual style. A totally pointless and unrelated rant as an intro followed by a review, but no hollow promises this time! I realize that i am reliably unreliable so, i won’t be makeing any promises of future reviews or schedules, of any sort, at all. In fact i may fuck off again after this, and it’s not because i don’t want to review but because i’m so busy living (read my team bio) that this sometimes gets sidelined; sorry x Continue reading “Spectre (2015)”