The shape of water – 2018

So, yes… i kinda vanished…. again. Though this time i did it to everyone, not just you, if that helps…. I had some alone time, me time and i discovered that i hadn’t been happy. So i have this year immediately set about changing that, and just with a smile, a can do attitude and a social outlook, it’s been incredible just how full my life has become already! I have done more this last week than i did in an entire set of months last year and i feel so, so much better. So, once again, boomerang boy is back! Continue reading “The shape of water – 2018”

Happy Birthday, That Other Guy

What a lucky fella, eh? Christmas, New Years and then his birthday all in the space of about 10 days. Though I’m sure that probably means people cheap out on the presents. Bastards!

And despite the fact that we here at TGTRS are skint misers, we would like to wish That Other Guy a very happy birthday today. I believe it was Elton John that sang “my gift is my song, aaaaaand this one’s to you”. Well, we don’t do singing, it’s not our strength at all, but we do do writing, and on this – the most special of days for you – we commit these words.

Have a great day, buddy.

From the whole TGTRS team.

Kingsman: The golden circle

I have dug out my old favorite¬†James Pringle¬†cardigan and i love that the very first leaves are falling. Children are stomping concurs on the way home from school and soon the British canopy will come alive with Autumn varied color pallet and a crisp and crunchy carpet will cover the streets and country side. The glorious celebration of this years Spring and Summer efforts will soon start in earnest as now Autumn has begun.¬† Continue reading “Kingsman: The golden circle”

Kamikaze – Kamikaze by Eminem

I sometimes watch bad audition tapes to remind myself that telling yourself you can do something, and actually being able to do it are two very different things. It’s good to have dream, but delusions… Continue reading “Kamikaze – Kamikaze by Eminem”