Soap Month

I’ve spoken up in defence of British soaps’ before on this site and recently I’ve been thinking, why not do an entire month’s worth of posts on the topic? Well, I’m doing it, over the course of November, I’ll be writing posts about different aspects of British soaps. I’ve got some interesting stuff planned; a couple of lists, a post asking why so few actors and actresses have a career outside of soap, and a short piece looking at the music of EastEnders. It promises to be a fun month and I’m pretty excited about it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

The Reviewers Guild

Good morning to you all!

We are reviewers, and we’re rather fond of reviewing – whether it’s films, music, books, games or tv shows, or even an opinion piece that straddles the boundaries of review and essay, we enjoy writing them.

Thing is, in this day and age where media is becoming easier to access and websites and videos simpler to create, the internet is becoming saturated with purveyors of opinion. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does make it harder for competent reviewers to find a niche, make a foothold and climb the ladder of success.

But this isn’t a sob story about that. Oh no. Rather, this is an advert. An advert for a new project we’ve concocted. It’s still somewhat in the pipeline, but it’s something that we hope fellow reviewers and opinion writers will be interested in.

I present to you, The Reviewers Guild

The purpose of TRG (as I’m going to hereby refer to it) is to form a community for reviewers and opinion writers of various skills and mediums. It’s intended to be a place where they can find people like them, maybe form working relationships, maybe form healthy competition, but most of all, just get to know each other.

So, if you’re a reviewer or an opinion writer, feel free to join – we’ll welcome you with open arms, whoever you are and wherever you’re from.

Come on in, and join the guild. Besides…

A Politikal Mynd: A Shameless Plug

Some of you may be aware that TGTRS is not the only site that some of us work on. A Politikal Mynd is a blog specialising in political posts; both opinion pieces and election coverage. We’ve got a lot of great content to offer such as my series re-capping and analysing the Post-War British elections, That Guy’s coverage of the 2017 election results, and a list of the biggest political mistakes of the last 70 years. We’re confident you’ll enjoy it and hope to continue producing great content!


In the last few months, this site has made a remarkable amount of progress. Not only have we had a total redesign of the site but we’ve also increased views, streamlined the decision-making process, made it easier for the writers to interact with the management team and made clear and decisive steps about future plans for the site. Now we are on the look-out for new writing talent. We want committed and creative writers to join our team and help us take the site to new heights. We offer freedom to write about whatever you want; film, tv, sport, politics, art, the internet; nothing is forbidden. Our only ask is that you write once a month, fair enough when you consider that other sites will limit you and force you to write on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in joining us then email either:

That Guy at


Benny4700 at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Check Out Scottish Statesman! #wearethe45 #Scotland @scotstatesman

So, what can I say? I’m a sucker for a friend having a place on the web to call their own, whether I agree with the foundations of the site or not. Seriously. If they’ve got a place, I’ll advertise it if I know about it. I’ve added them into the links section to the top right of EVERY page you see. Also, here’s a link – – check them out, see what they have to say, then give them support if you agree, and if not, then definitely give them support. Also, no matter what you think of them, don’t let it effect how you think about us. We’re just sharers of media.

However, from my brief look (and I promise, it was brief, as I’m a fairly busy man, most of the time – like, I’m doing fifty things whilst writing this, and only one of them is a shade of grey…) they are a site revolving around a pro-independence viewpoint on life, with sections for media, politics, the economy and sports, among other topics. Or, in the words of one of their writers, “It’s an independent news source started to provide news bias towards Scottish independence”, which is “not based wholly around independence news, but the politics news bias is used to combat an MSM that is bias to the opposite. So, it’s like The Guardian but with a bias when it comes to Scottish politics.” They also have a twitter – @scotstatesman .

Who can say fairer than that? Check ’em out – you might just learn something.

That Guy

Holy Crap I’m back again.

Hello people of the interweb!

I’m back and better than ever which is good because I was never that good.

Basically what happens whenever I disappear for an extended period of time is I kinda regenerate. If you follow Hrudolfensis history it basically goes like this:

War Hrudolfensis- This was the prick-ish one who tried to be satirical and just came across as, well… shit.

2nd Hrudolfensis- This was the ok one who was a brony.

and now…

3rd Hrudolfensis- This is me now! Still a brony, but now. AN ARTIST! And if nobody has mentioned it yet then announcements incoming.

Basically what I suggested in October last year is that I do some art for the website, and I’ll be honest with you… it sort of took a while.

But it’s almost ready now!

So on Saturday 25th I will present for you delectation…


Too be exact:

-Logo concept art

-Characters for the comics

-Um that’s about it…

-Oh yeah banners!

-Oh and we’re going to be doing bi-weekly webcomics illustrated by me and written by me and the rest of the team. Should have mentioned that before.

Yes you heard the list correct we will be doing a bi-weekly comic series soon so… yay!

Peace out Y’all!




Here at That Guy That Reviews Stuff we pride ourselves on writing in-depth, funny and interesting reviews. We are currently looking for new writers to join our team and are open to any and all offers. If you have a passion for writing, critical analysis and are open to spirited discussion then email That Guy at

We believe in allowing our writers to review whatever they choose, whether it be film, art, poetry, current affairs, history, TV or literature. Joining our team will give you good experience in writing and means your work will be read by people all over the globe!

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with a great team and contribute to an excellent site, so if you , or anyone you know, is a budding writer looking to get their work out there don’t hesitate; email today!

The email address is: