Holy Crap I’m back again.

Hello people of the interweb!

I’m back and better than ever which is good because I was never that good.

Basically what happens whenever I disappear for an extended period of time is I kinda regenerate. If you follow Hrudolfensis history it basically goes like this:

War Hrudolfensis- This was the prick-ish one who tried to be satirical and just came across as, well… shit.

2nd Hrudolfensis- This was the ok one who was a brony.

and now…

3rd Hrudolfensis- This is me now! Still a brony, but now. AN ARTIST! And if nobody has mentioned it yet then announcements incoming.

Basically what I suggested in October last year is that I do some art for the website, and I’ll be honest with you… it sort of took a while.

But it’s almost ready now!

So on Saturday 25th I will present for you delectation…


Too be exact:

-Logo concept art

-Characters for the comics

-Um that’s about it…

-Oh yeah banners!

-Oh and we’re going to be doing bi-weekly webcomics illustrated by me and written by me and the rest of the team. Should have mentioned that before.

Yes you heard the list correct we will be doing a bi-weekly comic series soon so… yay!

Peace out Y’all!


Why i like Poison Ivy

Well, i decided to round up the trio of sirens with Poison Ivy, or red, as she is know to Harley Quinn. This flower child is no peace lover, as she is arguably (Harley Quinn) the most prolific female villain in the whole Batman franchise, and she has always been a clear cut villain….

OR HAS SHE!!!??!!??!?! Continue reading “Why i like Poison Ivy”

Why i like Catwoman

Well, the results are view-able…. it was 2 for Catwoman and 2 for Freeze and none for Poison Ivy, so she carries through to next week’s vote. As for this draw scenario i have, it falls to me to decide the review and although i voted for Mr. Freeze on the poll, making it three votes, i do not count my own vote and ladies first, so, following the sirens theme of last week i give you, why i like Catwoman: Continue reading “Why i like Catwoman”