The Composition Of Music

Hello, one and all. Today, I’m going to discuss music, in particular, how music is made up in terms of the underlying theme of the song in question. We’re going to exclude classical music and instrumentals, purely because the meaning behind the music is contextual and not at all guided by the official lyrics.

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The Messages Of Music

Having had some time away as a result of technological failure, I’ve had a lot of time to think. My desktop computer, which was running Windows XP, broke, and I am managing to communicate with you all purely by virtue of having access to a Vista-running Laptop. I’m not pleased… Point is, I’ve been thinking, and one such topic of my thought was music, and the messages within it. I’ve come to some interesting conclusions, I think, so would like to share them.

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Why I like the Joker

I know, big one this one, but it would be wrong of me to do this ever increasing series of bat posts and not include the Joker. A crazy mad man, or a crazy genius? Don’t know, well i’ll not be attempting to find out in this post, it would simply take a life time. I’ll instead just review the Joker as best i can… so tell me…
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Why I like Batman

OK, here’s another Bat post. I’m such a fan and my last review gained such praise, i’m gonna do another. Might as well, it’s kinda an obsession of mine. I know, totally nerdy, but hey, i’m a self confessed nerd and no where near as bad as some of my friends. I think i know the biggest Doc Who fan in the world, and i’m not even kidding. So here goes: Continue reading “Why I like Batman”

Why Didn’t They Ask The Muggles?: Why The Lack Of Muggle Involvement In The Second Wizarding War Is Perfectly Logical

Much as I love the Harry Potter series I will admit that there are several plot holes that seem to draw a lot of attention from fans and take effort to answer. Amongst these is the question of why the Wizarding world, including Voldemort himself, didn’t ask the Muggles for help or use Muggle technology, after all we have nuclear weapons and guns whereas wizards have wands that require aiming or some degree of advanced skill. So is there an answer for this pretty big question?

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