New years resolution

Just because i didn’t say it before at the traditionally appropriate time, Happy new year everyone. Though if you count the whole year as the new year then there’s no problem and if time is an illusion then is there a year and if there is, when is it new?…. These are good questions for people far more clever than me, i’ll just stick to a well reasoned opinion….. There more fun anyway. Continue reading “New years resolution”

That Other Guy’s diary….

Well, here is That Other Guy (me) but not as you all used to know me. I have changed. Not all for the worse either, but i still want to share some of the more ponderous, comical or entertaining parts of my life with you beautiful, diverse people, so here’s some of my recent diary…. Continue reading “That Other Guy’s diary….”

Benny4700’s Top Ten People I Would Like To Meet In Hell

Only an all loving God could come up with a place as vile as Hell. Whether you think of it as a vast, empty space where you’re separate from God’s love for all eternity, a fiery inferno or a complex structure composed of nine circles, Hell is simply not a nice place. As an atheist I don’t believe in a Hell, Heaven or Afterlife and, although I find the idea pretty repugnant, I do find it fascinating. I’ll be very honest here, if there is a Hell then I have a one way ticket (apparently atheists and mass murderers deserve pretty much the same punishment in God’s eyes). The idea of meeting famous people in Hell came up at a recent site meeting and we’ve decided to write our own personal choices, admittedly mine is ‘late’ by several weeks but I have been experiencing a bought of emotional and psychological turbulance recently so I hope you don’t judge me too harshly. I have to stress that I don’t believe everyone on this list deserves to go to Hell but by the laws of the Bible they’ve all committed at least one sin. So, without further adieu, I present my top ten people I would like to meet in Hell!

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I love life

How’s this for integrity….

Sorry about my last post, i was in a dark place a few hours ago. I do dislike some of the people in this world, but by far not all of them and not the world as a whole. Life is worth living and taking the time to realize that is part of it’s splendor, as it allows me to re-discover the good and beauty in this world. So, don’t ignore my last post; those words still hold meaning as they came from me, they represent a part of me that normally i prefer to keep private. Once again, i’m sorry if i upset anyone. It’s just i do love life, and the chance I’ve been given to experience living it.

That Other Guy

I hate life

I hate the world, the people in it. It is a dark, terrible, horrid, disturbing and scary place and i don’t want any part of it anymore! Simple as….

There is so little good in the world, i’ve given up. I won’t become evil, i won’t sink to the worlds level, but i don’t want any part of it anymore! The world has only been shit to me. It’s given a handful of friends and some moments of golden kindness but all so a ton of grief, disappointment and harsh times. I know people who have been beaten to unconsciousness, stabbed and I’ve been subject in my time to what can only be described as mental torture! And i’m only 20! I’ve seen things i can’t un-see. I have proof that the world we live in is cruel, archaic and not worth believing in!

I give up on the world.

That Other Guy

Wreck it Ralph

Warning, unrelated intro!: I don’t feed my cats… Don’t worry, there not starving to death gnawing on my toes as you read! No, my family feed them, but i don’t. I love my cats very dearly. Mellany, our 20 odd year old is senile and has a mental condition that results in her mewing out, often for 10 or 15 minuets, for either water or attention; and i don’t mean love and cuddles, i mean she gets your attention, one stroke! And then she’s happy. I could love her more if she didn’t spend her days wailing at me from the bathroom. Tilly, our four year old tyrant is a “cute and i know it” playful tike who’s scared of me half the time, and a little tart to me the rest.

Warning, this may go on for a while: I do sometimes give them food from my plate when they beg (Yes, i know i shouldn’t…. but you try saying no to Tilly, the cutest cat in the world…. seriously! Or Mellany, who will sit there for your entire meal) but i don’t feed them because in my house it’s too much hassle. First, the two of them want feeding at different times. Next day, there double timing you. My mum and dad feed them twice a day, only they don’t, they feed them when it suits them. But if i feed them, there’s a problem, because they only get feed twice a day! And then it, “when did you feed them?” and “How much did you feed them?”. I try to explain but before long the accusations are flying, mostly from my farther who rarly feeds them himself, being at work all week and all, but still!

Seriously, if you came to read the review, just skip this: And then it becomes my job to feed them again because im the only one who knows how much they had and when, so only i can now feed them today. But the cats start calling for food when i’m not in the kitchen and then i’m starving them, so i put food in there bowls, and i’m accused of fattening them! Seriously, my mum gives them treats like there angles from heaven. If she had fed much as much chocolate as a kid as she gives them treats, i’d be in a bariatric ward right now! So to avoid all the accusations, the arguments, the responsibility… i don’t feed my cats, ok. Wow, i feel a lot better. Lets get to the review shall we: Continue reading “Wreck it Ralph”