URL Change

Right then. We’ve been here, what, nearly 8 years now? With that in mind (following some serious thought), we’ve decided to change our URL a little bit, get it a bit closer to the truth. We’re no longer just That Guy reviewing stuff, haven’t been for a while, and TGTRS has been us for as long as anything else.

What I’m trying to say is, you can find us at:



That’s right, we’re a dot-co-dot-uk, baby! And this is just one of many changes we have in mind for this year. Watch this space, like this place, and most importantly, share us with your friends.

That Guy

The Reviewers Guild

Good morning to you all!

We are reviewers, and we’re rather fond of reviewing – whether it’s films, music, books, games or tv shows, or even an opinion piece that straddles the boundaries of review and essay, we enjoy writing them.

Thing is, in this day and age where media is becoming easier to access and websites and videos simpler to create, the internet is becoming saturated with purveyors of opinion. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does make it harder for competent reviewers to find a niche, make a foothold and climb the ladder of success.

But this isn’t a sob story about that. Oh no. Rather, this is an advert. An advert for a new project we’ve concocted. It’s still somewhat in the pipeline, but it’s something that we hope fellow reviewers and opinion writers will be interested in.

I present to you, The Reviewers Guild

The purpose of TRG (as I’m going to hereby refer to it) is to form a community for reviewers and opinion writers of various skills and mediums. It’s intended to be a place where they can find people like them, maybe form working relationships, maybe form healthy competition, but most of all, just get to know each other.

So, if you’re a reviewer or an opinion writer, feel free to join – we’ll welcome you with open arms, whoever you are and wherever you’re from.

Come on in, and join the guild. Besides…

We Now Return You To Your Irregularly Scheduled Reviewing…

Look who’s back, back again!

You may have already seen Benny and That Other Guy having written reviews this week. This is, as you may have considered, an indication that we are returning.

That’s right, much like Bilbo and his adventures, we too have returned home after long and noble quests, and now have a deeper understanding of the world, and its media, which will allow us to continue reviewing.

That said, we’re not committing to a schedule this time – there were so many plans and ideas banding around last time that it became too much for me, at least – but our hiatus has come to an end.

For those of you that have awaited this day, thank you for your patience, and for those of you that have discovered us for the first time, why not check out our archive? There’s opinion pieces on everything from Les Miserable (2012), to Doodle God, Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer to a list of the best villains in media, The Martian (2015) to some poetry from a former writer.

And, as always, let us know what you think in the comments section below this, and any other post you read.

That Guy

Hang On, What Happened To That Guy That Reviews Stuff?

The more astute of our readers may have noticed that we were, until midnight, on February 1st, 2015, called “That Guy That Reviews Stuff”, and that now, this is no longer the case. We have, as you can see, changed the name of the site to “Those Guys That Review Stuff”. This was a group decision, which was actually made about 3 months ago, and kept getting delayed by people moving house, and people needing to get their shit in order… All that sort of stuff…

With the increase in the number of people, we thought it made sense to improve on the name, ever so slightly, and stop making it sound like a one-man-band, so to speak. Heck, there’s nine of us on the TGTRS team, so it’s far from being a one-man-band!

Worry not, reader! We’ll keep putting up all the great content you’ve come to expect from us over the last nearly 4 years – and now, with more writers and, thus, more opinions, we should be able to provide you with our opinions more frequently than has been experienced these last few months.

So, stay with us, and you’ll see that although we’ve changed our name, we’re still the same great site underneath.

That Guy

New Site Theme And TGTRS Chat

Hey there, reader! We’ve had a bit of a play around with how things look over here on TGTRS, and we’ve decided to go a brand new look – as any of you who visit us regularly will see, it’s a lot brighter than the last one. We figured, heck, we’ve been dark and gloomy for a while now, and in reality, 2015 is probably the year when everything is going to change – I mean, bloody hell, one of us will have a child born in a few months! What’s more cheerful than that, eh?

So, we hope you like the new look – if not, by all means, comment or email and let us know! We’ll listen, and try to take your comments on board.

And, in case you didn’t see it over there on the right hand side of the screen (—-> that way —->), and up near the top, we have managed to get a chat feature – if anyone wants to talk about stuff, by all means, hop on, have a chat, it’ll be great. No guarantee that one of us will be online, but if you want to chat, just pop us an email and we’ll arrange a chat for you – doesn’t matter what topic, either.

And, if the window on the right isn’t your cup of tea, go to the proper page, right here – we won’t bite!

That Guy