Happy Birthday, Aimeh

Aimeh, Aimeh, Aimeh. What can I say to you on this, the day in which you are the centre of the world?

Well, for starters, let me say Happy Birthday, alongside a big thank you for your continued participation with the site. You’re a great writer, an amazing friend, and for both we are truly thankful. We all hope that you have a fantastic day today, that everyone treats you like the glorious person you are, and that when the dust settles on what I am sure will be one hell of a celebration, you can look back at the events that have unfolded and think, ‘Yes. Today was a great day.’

Enjoy yourself, you star.

From the whole TGTRS team.

Happy Birthday, That Other Guy

What a lucky fella, eh? Christmas, New Years and then his birthday all in the space of about 10 days. Though I’m sure that probably means people cheap out on the presents. Bastards!

And despite the fact that we here at TGTRS are skint misers, we would like to wish That Other Guy a very happy birthday today. I believe it was Elton John that sang “my gift is my song, aaaaaand this one’s to you”. Well, we don’t do singing, it’s not our strength at all, but we do do writing, and on this – the most special of days for you – we commit these words.

Have a great day, buddy.

From the whole TGTRS team.


Well, my dear readers – every few days, I, or one of my fellow writers, stumbles across something fantastic, be it a show, film, game, band or even, if you see it that way, a rival review site.

Now, I don’t see this as being a competitive sport where there can be only one site in existence – if that were the case, people like The Escapist or The Nostalgia Critic would have taken us down a LONG time ago. No, instead I see it as a place where we all need to stick together, because these days, any idiot with an opinion thinks he (or she, I’m not sexist) can own a blog and tell the world what they think.

This isn’t true. It takes something very special to be able to share an opinion in this way – in a way which gives it credibility, beyond being the loudest voice in the room.

And on that note, I wish to invite you to check out Anglonerd, a fellow WordPress review site sharing opinions in a well-reasoned and fair way. When I get an hour or two to myself (which might be a while, but will happen at some point), I’ll go through and link a few of the posts on there that I think you’ll particularly appreciate. But, for now, check out Anglonerd, tell ’em what you think and keep on smiling!

That Guy


Additionally, there’s a project that we here at TGTRS are working on which we think might be worth a look if you operate a review blog – nothing solid yet, we’re merely trying to work out how it might, possibly, work, but if you are interested, let us know in the contact form below, and we’ll make sure to contact you when we know what we’re doing.

Les Miserables

I first want to make out a shout out to my friend Tom, who told me off, and quite rightly so, for not seeing this play in a theater as it was written to be seen in all it’s splendor. I do agree with him, that i would absolutely enjoy this play more as a play, other than a movie; but may i direct you to our WEBSITES motto “no media is safe”. As a movie, it falls neatly into our cross hairs as a media, whereas on stage, it is an art form, out of our range.

So now, i can review it, and i believe TG will review it as well next week as he is planning on watching it, so feel free to compare notes… Continue reading “Les Miserables”

Happy Birthday Stephen Hawkings!

I can’t believe i forgot to post this yesterday! So i’m sorry Stephen, i hope the birthday was a memorable one and that you see many more to come. Happy Birthday for yesterday!

All our best wishes form us here at TGTRS and i hope your research into the thermodynamics of black holes is going promisingly. Happy 71st year. You know, the speed at which we travel through time is irrelevant, so long as we know where we are in time.

That Other Guy


Happy Belated Birthday!

I would like to wish a very happy, albeit 2-days-late birthday to my deputy head writer, That Other Guy, whom I hope had a great time and didn’t accidentally kill a hobo like I did last birthday… I joke. He survived. Shame about his liver though…

That said, That Other Guy, I am sorry I missed your birthday, as well as your party. Work’s been hectic, but I should have still wished you a great one. I won’t miss it next time. I can guarantee it. I might not be able to be there, but I’ll sure as hell wish you a spectacular one.

So, on behalf of the writers and readers of TGTRS, to the next year of life, good luck, and congratulations on making it this far.

That guy

Happy Birthday SaintTeddington!

What do you know? Two birthdays in a row. What are the chances of that, eh?

SaintTeddington, formerly MadManTed, or as I call him, Ted, is celebrating his 19th birthday today, and I hope that you all, along with the rest of us at TGTRS, wish him the best on this most joyous of occasions.

Ted, from everyone in the whole world, because I have the authority to speak on their behalf, have a great birthday. We all wish you the best, even if most of us won’t admit it, and we all want you to know that, right now, we’re all thinking about  you. It’s true. I’ve been thinking about you all night… Well, not all night… Since I realised it was your birthday… About 3 minutes ago…

Happy Birthday Ted!

That Guy