The Many Faces Of The EastEnders’ Theme

Did you know there are more versions of the EastEnders’ theme than you might think? Sure, most people are aware of Julia’s theme, maybe a few others know about Anita Dobson’s lyrical version “Anyone can fall in love”, but I know of at least eight versions, and I’m sure there are more. Today, I want to go over those eight versions, highlighting them for the many of you who likely aren’t aware of them, and given my views.

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My Top Five Favourite Coronation Street (1960-Present) Characters

The two soaps I’ve seen the most of are Coronation Street (1960-Present) and Eastenders (1985-Present) and while I will be talking about EastEnders later on, today I want to look at something Coronation Street related. Soap characters are some of the most iconic in British television, after all, we see them almost every day, follow them in their daily lives and through both the hard times and the easy, and know them better than our own neighbours. In respect of that, I’m going to count down my five favourite Coronation Street characters. Why top five? Well, frankly I never saw THAT much of Coronation Street, I’ve seen a few hundred episodes and don’t have enough information to pick 10 or 20 characters. In addition to this, soap characters don’t tend to have the emotional and psychological depth that you find in other fictional characters, due mainly to the fact writers change so often so we tend to get a very mixed view of these characters. Regardless, these are my top five favourite Coronation Street characters.

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Life After Soap: Why Good Actors Struggle

When was the last time you saw an actor from a British soap in a film? Or a successful, mainstream tv series? I bet you’re struggling to think of one, aren’t you? No, Barbara Windsor doesn’t count, she was famous BEFORE she went into soap. No, nor does Kylie Minogue, she’s Australian and besides, she went into the music industry, I’m talking about people who found fame in British soaps and then went on to become part of a successful film or television production. It’s a hard thing to do, and while they are some, they are few and far between. So, why is it that some of the most famous and hard-working people in British television fail to find work when they leave soaps?

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That Guy’s Thoughts On #DoctorWho Episode 1 (2018)

Bloody hell. Here it is, the post we’ve all been waiting for. Well, I have. I dunno about you lot! What do I think of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who? The first full episode with a female Doctor? The first episode with Chris Chibnall behind the wheel? Let’s see, shall we?

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That Guy’s #DoctorWho Wishlist

Righty oh – we’re almost here, the moment we’ve been waiting for, the episode that is long overdue. It is, as they stated in the trailer, about time. But, what do we want to see in this new series of Doctor Who? Me? Well, here’s what I want to see…

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That Guys Ten Most Heartbreaking Deaths In Media

Death. It, and taxes, are the only two certainties in life. Unless, course, you’re earning enough to get an incentive from the government, in which case, eventual death is the only certainty.

Death features in a great number of TV shows and movies, and some deaths have greater weight to them than others. These are the deaths in media that meant the most to me, the ones that tugged on the heartstrings the most.

Needless to say, there are some spoilers.

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