Master of Audio Surf

Hey guys, That Other Guy here. Just a quick note before this post to say i won’t be posting over the weekend due to being in Newcastle for my cousins wedding, and if i don’t go, she will walk all the way down to Stamford and physically cut my head off with a stiletto heel…. So yeh, that’s where i’ll be, having a great time, by the way, but it will mean no weekend posts. Like normal with me really. Anyway, onto the rather cryptic title: Continue reading “Master of Audio Surf”

? and Simon’s Cat

Hi everyone. Today, i’m in a dilemma as i can’t decide what to review. I haven’t even put the title yet! First i wanted to review Minecraft. I haven’t reviewed this up to now because That Guy has already done it so it seemed a little redundant, but now iv’e reviewed two minecraft youtube channels, i thought it might be good to let everyone know, that i know, what i’m going on about. Then i thought, as i don’t actually own minecraft, that maybe i should review another youtube channel. Then i thought about going back to my roots and reviewing another book/series. So, iv’e decided to do all three and all i now need to do, is decide an order. Annoyingly, you already know what iv’e chosen to do as youv’e read the title, or i can just not put a title….Whahahahahaha…… Continue reading “? and Simon’s Cat”


I wish to offer my apologies for the lack of the latest music reviews, but these last few days have been as hectic as hell after a suicide orgy…

As way of apology, I wish to show you a new feature we have decided to add. Video of the week, to be uploaded every Sunday. In this feature we will be posting the funniest video we’ve seen this week.

We’ll start off with a video that an old friend of mine sent me to watch. I kept laughing for most of the video, so I hope that you enjoy it.