Well, here’s the boring details that I doubt anyone is even reading, due to how excessively boring it all is, but that we need to have here anyway. The disclaimer. I would set up a template for one at the end of EVERY single review, but that’s tedious and would probably be forgotten about by both myself and the other writers. However, since it’s likely to lead to a legal issue if we don’t have one soon, here I go.

1 – We here at That Guy That Reviews Stuff refuse to take responsibility for any negative emotions you may feel as a result of reading our reviews. We accept that although some of our writing may be offensive, distasteful, irresponsible and in some case could classify as libel, every single person who is affected in a negative way, had the opportunity to stop reading and complain.

2 – Any use of our reviews on other websites, blogs or any other form of written communication is allowed. In fact, we encourage it. However, we would prefer that if our reviews are being quoted, in either part or whole, we could be informed of such a situation, so that we can decide whether we believe it is an appropriate use of our work. In most cases, we will probably agree with your use and leave it at that. However, in the event that we believe our reviews, either in part or whole, are being used in a slanderous, offensive or distasteful way, other than by the design of the writing itself, we will take every possible action in order to revoke your use of our reviews.

3 – We understand that there are times when we may cross the line by a couple of feet, but in the event of this, we would insist that a simple collection of emails directed at us will most likely make us edit our posts in order to appease the majority. If we receive just five complaints about a particular idea, review, subject or writer, we will do something about it. However, be aware that we are registered as a 17+ site and that any use of this site by under 17-year-olds is taken at the risk of the legal guardian of said minor. In most cases, we try to keep our writing PG, but in most cases, we just write what comes to us as we are writing, so there may be no visible way to avoid such a break in PG writing. For example, the 3rd paragraph for LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ contains sexually explicit writing which will, by most people, be deemed unsuitable for most teenagers. In the event of this material being seen by said teenagers, the responsibility lies with the legal guardian of said teenager.

4 – Any pictures used on That Guy That Reviews Stuff is the sole property of the owner. We claim no ownership of any images used on this site, unless stated alongside the images used. We thank the owners of the images for providing access to the aforementioned images and accept that they may wish for us to remove them. If that is the case, they need only contact us to tell us what to remove, and we shall comply immediately.

5 – Finally, by visiting and reading our reviews you remove any legal rights you have to sue us for any crimes, other than libel or a personal attack directed at yourself. We strive to ensure that personal grudges do not enter the That Guy That Reviews Stuff offices, nor in our reviews. We take full responsibility for any offense taken from out-sourced reviews, meaning those that we have permission to use from other sites, such as www.greatpcgames.co.uk. However, such reviews are subject to the same disclaimer as our own reviews.

All we as is that you stick to your end of the deal, as it will justify it when we stick to our end of the deal. It may not seem this way, but we care about your feelings and that you enjoy reading our reviews.

That Guy

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