Born to Kill (2005-Present)

I’ve briefly touched upon my feelings about Born to Kill in my previous post but, seeing as it is arguably one of my favourite tv shows of all time, I felt I ought to give it a post of its own. While I do love the series, there are some issues, so this won’t be one of those times where I gush about how brilliant and infallible something is without mentioning any of the flaws others have been pointing out for years. I’m not the Catholic Church #satire #athiestbants #hashtag #i’llstopnow.

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Benny4700’s Opinion On: The public’s reaction to the wives of serial killers

I recently read an article on Listverse called “10 Baffling Wives of Serial Killers”, found here:

It was highly offensive and betrayed the writer’s, a Mr S. Grant, immense ignorance. The list constantly attacked the significant others of serial killers for not discovering their crimes sooner and helping to bring them to justice. I really like the majority of listverse articles but this one was just atrocious and the people in the comments knew it. However, the views expressed by Mr Grant are, sadly, not just limited to himself. Most of the public look down on the wives of serial killers for exactly the same reasons expressed¬†in the article and I feel obliged to defend a group of women who are, arguably, the forgotten victims of serial killers.

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