Top Ten Favourite Fan Theories Part Three: The Return

Everybody loves fan theories and everybody has their own. They’re great ways to add to a film, tv, or book series by expanding upon plot points, and it’s always interesting to hear someone else’s feelings on a character’s motivation. I’m obsessed with them and have come up with a fair few myself. Long ago, I wrote two posts discussing some of my favourite fan theories. Now, I’m doing it again. Here, for the third time, are my top ten favourite fan theories.

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Now, I’m not really one for watching Television. In fact, other than BBC News, and the odd episode from some sort of comedy show, I don’t watch TV. It’s Netflix or nothing, for me, at the moment. Now, that’s great. But you need variety, and when I saw that there was a few programmes coming out, written by Russell T. Davies, I was on board. I knew I had to watch as many as I could. As it happens, I ended up watching Cucumber AND Banana, which are two of the three programmes that he had written which were being shown. Needless to say, I had to review them. First up, Cucumber.

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Hashtagging In Adverts… #fuckingstopit!

Okay then. I’m a relatively modern gentleman – I play as up to date video games as my finances allow without screwing myself over, I try to keep up with the news, and I’m part of the class of people we refer to as “bloggers”, who, let’s face it, are the cornerstone of the modern internet.I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, I have a Youtube account (which came with the Google+ account – I’m modern enough to know that NO-ONE used Google+). I’ve used Tinder and Kik, I made the mistake that a few other people made and chose a Windows Phone over anything running an Android OS (which I hope to remedy this coming May), I’m our resident techie, and I clearly understand what all of these things are AND how to use them, or else you’d probably see me posting questions onto Twitter and wondering where the hell the Google logo is…

The problem is, though, that I’m not too keen on all this hashtagging that we see on TV…

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