The Team

Here, you can find out about the ‘TGTRS’ team.

That Guy – Head Writer

I’m just a typical 24-year-old bloke. I like video games, films, books and 60’s – 00’s music. I noticed that I enjoyed reviewing stuff after helping add reviews to a website co-run by myself and a friend. Now I write music, film and game reviews for my own site, ‘Those Guys That Reviews Stuff’, alongside any other pieces of opinion I feel the world needs to know. I have never completed Fallout: New Vegas. Avid PC gamer, but have recently branched back in console gaming with Fallout 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Yeehaw!


Boldfield25/Benny4700 – Deputy Head Writer

I really don’t care much for these bio’s so I’m going to make this as quick and painless as possible. I am 24, I like film, books, and television. I also like history, politics, and true crime. I have a degree in Film and American studies, live in Northern Ireland, and in the late 1960’s and 70’s I committed a series of murders in San Francisco under the persona of ‘Zodiac’. My favourite colour is turquoise, I like writing, am a fairly decent archer, and like the idea of being left alone.


That Other Guy

I am a lover, not a fighter. A poetic whisper, not a violent shout. I appreciate the finer things by not living among them. I indulge my heart and do as i please despite what ever perceived barriers stand in my way and i do so in search of knowledge, the truth and enjoyment, for without the ability to think, to know or to feel, what is that but a mere existence. I take life’s joy, its pain, its love, its scorn, dazed and confused spun around on this Earth more times than I can count, until all made perfectly clear in a single moment of wishful understanding, my world made and destroyed day by day by the fantastic chaos that is the mystery, heartache and wonder that is life, which with either legendary bravery or foolish stupidity I yearn to live.

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